Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SMO Helps In Alexa Ranking

Seo Vs Smo

There are many who are still thinking to create an online presence and if possible achieve such online recognition that can influence online visitors and work out as a successful conversion. The desire is almost the same for every online business that exist, but the essential fact to consider is the part, What makes this happens?

It is SEO or SMO, What are these?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): is a process, technique, tool, strategy, tactic to optimize a website in such a way that search engines understand, rank, read and index it appropriately.In SEO the optimization process helps websites to achieve favorable search engine rankings and increase traffic flow to their online presence.

SMO (Social Media Optimization): SMO is a method that considers social media networking in such a way that it attracts online users and promotes your business presence with help of enormous traffic. Some good examples would be of business networking websites, online communities and blogs.

Therefore, it is SEO and SMO that focus on to provide traffic for an online presence and this is where it is important to understand both methods that conclude to promote your online business and provide you the maximum benefits of Internet Marketing. Consider the following key points to make out the most from given options.

1)SEO is practiced widely to impress search engines whereas SMO is practiced to target and attract human beings. Thus the content written for SEO should be rich with keywords and quality shall be perfect to get noticed by search engines but in SMO we write content to attract the social media.

2)In SEO we consider an important aspect to be Meta headers, titles and keyword identification so the online presence is optimized according to the search engines, whereas in SMO the stress is upon social networking websites that enables us to work on various ways to get noticed and spread our online presence.

3)SEO works on to promote your online presence through search engines ranking and is in practice from quite some time now whereas SMO is a new method which is growing rapidly through social networks and the popular the social networking site the more chances you are to prosper in addressing your online existence.

4)SEO process involves several aspects within, each process having its own importance and results make it more long lasting and authentic source of achieving online recognition which requires help of a professional whereas SMO can be practiced by anyone who have little information and internet exposure.

5)SEO carefully considers each and every aspect of a website to its very basics to the content, its headings, tiles, keywords, structure of the sitemap and other aspects that it is created upon and thereon ranking is achieved but SMO does not consider any of this in its process.

This is where you should be aware of the fact that SMO cost you nothing or very less to perform and acquire results but SEO is something that comes of experience and the more you get the precise practice it will become for you to venture the very online presence.